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Super Fit Judith Helping Others

Being super fit is a way of life for Judith Ewing.

The personal trainer and fitness instructor is out all day working with clients and is often up at the crack of dawn to go running around Rutland Water.

She works as a freelance personal trainer at both Barnsdale Hall Hotel and Greetham Valley golf club, runs Latin Dance and exercise classes in Oakham and Melton Mowbray and has produced her own fitness videos.

Judith, 46, started her own business 20 years ago and has never looked back.

The divorcee and mother of two was born in Southampton and obtained a degree in business and finance at Middlesex University.

She worked for a while in marketing but hated it. As a highly competitive sporty individual she was a middle distance and cross-country runner - she went on various fitness, health and dance courses before striking out on her own.

Obviously extremely fit herself, Judith practices what she preaches and says she has to work hard to maintain a trim waistline now she is getting older.

She is strict with her diet on weekdays, doesn't eat red meat and only allows herself a glass of wine and a food treat at weekends.

"I am very controlled in what I eat. I do so much exercise my body is like a machine. Exercise and a low fat low sugar diet should be part of everyones plan" she says.

Judith has recently turned her attention to cancer patients who she feels passionately can be helped by a good diet and exercise programme.

After being approached by sufferers, she has researched the subject and devised her own method increasing the wellbeing of her customers.

"Chemotherapy is very successful but as a cocktail of poisionous toxines it leaves people feeling weak and tired. They are terrified and think they cannot do anything strenuous but with gentle exercises leading to a fitter body and with good nutrition you can fight back and your chances of survival will be far higher" she says.

The World Cancer Research Fund recently said 80,000 cases of cancer a year in the UK could be prevented if people ate better, kept to a healthy weight and exercised.

Judith also believes once diagonised people need to be as healthy as poissible to help battle the disease.

She siad "If you carry on drinking alcohol and eating rubbish while undergoing chemotherapy and radiotheraypy you're not doing anything to help yourself"
She has so far helped a couple of cancer patients and is keen to help more.
To find out more about Judith, visit her website Her Bums Legs Tums Blitz and Pilates claesses are are at 7pm and 8pm on Tuesdays at Barnsdale. They cost £5.

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