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Many people bust a gut doing hundreds of sit ups to get the flat wash board stomach. However  it is the absence of belly fat that gives you that lean abs look so follow these simple tips to get a beautiful tummy!


  • Reduce your calories

To see your  tummy muscles you have to get rid of  the fat. If you reduce your calories by 250 -500 calories a day you will gradually lose weight around the middle.


  • Eat loads of protein

Protein feeds your muscles and helps rebuild after a workout  so increase the amount of protein in your diet.  Try and eat a form of protein every day from meat, nuts and fish.


  • Eat essential fats

We do need some fat in our diet but make sure it is the healthy fats you are eating.  Foods such as avocados, nuts and olive oil are rich in monosaturated fat, along with oily fish such as mackerel. This type of food should be eaten on a regular basis.


  • Eat quality carbs

Once you have added protein and essential fats to your diet, you need to introduce quality carbohydrates which is fruit, vegetables and fibre-rich foods.


  • Do some sit ups

You need to work your abdominals about 3 times a week. Just basic sit ups with hands behind the head and raising the shoulders off the floor with your legs bent will suffice.  Performing planks and oblique crunches which involves twisting to work you r waist can also be included.  Do as many as you can so work to your own failure then stop.


  • Do cardio work

Along with your strength training for your abs you need to do some cardio work.  So again try and do some form of exercise such as jogging, cycling or a brisk walk 3 times a week. Cardio is the best form of fat burning exercise to do.  If you are really fit try HIIT (High intensity training) which involves very intense training for a short period of time.


  •  Do some strength work

Finally as well as cardio and sit ups you need to do some strength work. This doesn’t involve lifting heavy weights but just performing squats and shoulder press will help keep your muscle tone. You can add weights if you prefer dependent on your fitness level. When performing strengthwork it is important to replenish your body with protein rich food at the end of your workout to help develop your lean muscle.


So if you felt your abs could do with a little work this summer then with some basic changes in your diet and a few tweaks to your exercise regime it shouldn’t take too long to get that lovely toned midriff!

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