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Moderation not Deprivation

Healthy eating can be dull and quite frankly not very interesting at times.  As a personal trainer for 25 years I have seen how tough it can be to keep on track with your clean living, only to find yourself having a massive binge out because you are feeling deprived of the food you really crave.


I tell my clients it is the 80/20 rule. Its about doing the right thing 80 % of the time and doing what you want for  the rest of the time.


What should you do 80% of the time?  Stick to a few basics:


  • If  food has no expiry date, wrapped in plastic or tinfoil please avoid it.  Its full of preservatives.
  • If you don’t know if its vegetable or animal, don’t go near it.
  • Aim to eat fresh fruit and vegetables each and every day.  Fill yourself up.


What should you do the other 20 % of the time?  Well you can eat that delicious piece of cake, cookie or brownie etc that you have been dreaming about.  Eat ONE cookie only,  not the whole bag, then put the bag away and think about something else.  I suggest to clients to allow ONE – TWO treats a week and thats all.  If you don’t allow yourself a treat you will become fixated and will probably eat the whole pack because you think you cant ever have it, so you will eat as much as possible now. 


How  can you eat healthy AND be  happy? I suggest the following:


  • Eat clean, wholesome foods
  •  Avoid processed and junk foods
  • If you want to eat rubbish food then at least eat a homemade cookie rather than shop bought
  • When you eat it don’t feel guilty. Enjoy it and then get right back to your 80% dedication to your health and wellbeing.

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