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Eat Yourself Lighter!

How can you introduce healthy eating into your lifestyle without having to go on a chefs course!  With just a few simple changes to your eating habits, you can control your weight and enjoy a much healthier lifestyle.


The first and most important element to cut out of your eating is processed foods.  So no high fat, high sugar meals such as pizzas, take aways, cakes, biscuits etc.  If you continue to eat this type of food even though you exercise regularly, you will not get very far with your weight loss.  Rubbish in, rubbish out is what to remember - your body cannot function well on this sort of food.

I put all my clients who wish to lose weight on a low or no carbohydrate diet.  This means no bread, rice, potatoes, pasta but instead replace with vegetables, meat, dairy and salad.  The reaction is what can I eat then? Here are a few tips to still enjoy your meals without carbohydrates:


Make a vegetable or meat curry but instead of rice make cauliflower rice. Just grate the head of a cauliflower with a cheese grater and then microwave for 4 minutes.  Add coriander for flavour.  It will be the same consistency as rice.


Fill your plate with vegetables.  You will not get fat eating lots of veggies! Purchase a spiralizer - all the rage at the moment and cost around £20 and spiralise courgettes.  They will look just like spaghetti strands - stir fry in a little olive oil for 3 - 4 mins until tender and  add pepper and mixed herbs.


If you miss your mashed potato especially with a Sunday roast then make cauliflower mash.  Boil the cauliflower head for 10 mins until very tender.  Drain and make sure as much water is removed.  Add a tablespoon of milk, knob of butter, tablespoon of sour cream and whisk until consistency of mash.  Really tasty and so good for you!


If you are a lover of pasta then try spaghetti bolognaise with spiralised butternut squash. So replace the spaghetti with the butternut.  Spiralise and again stir fry for about 8 minutes.  The butternut will be the same as tagitalle ribbons.  

All the big supermarkets now sell pre made cauliflower rice and spiralised courgettes and butternet.  Replacing carbs with veggies is the answer to consistent weight loss plus a much healthier lifestyle.


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