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Why Exercise Outdoors is good for you



Finally we have the blue skies and sunshine with us again.  What better reason than to exercise outside! Outdoor exercise is the way forward – over the summer months I always take my pt clients outside to workout. Its so good for you and here are a few reasons why:


  • You burn more calories when you exercise outside

Running or cycling outside when you are up against wind burns more calories.  Also slopes and uneven ground makes your body work harder.   Your work out outside is loads more effective than inside.


  • Outdoor workouts lift your mood

Spending time outdoors reduces stress levels. Plus fresh air and increased oxygen helps release the feel-good chemical serotonin putting you in a great mood.


  • Scenery reduces boredom

Watching TV at the gym gets a bit dull after a while. Exercising outside means you have a lot to look at so you are less likely to get bored and maybe even exercise for longer without realising.  When its sunny who on earth would want to be stuck in a gym.  Get outside and do your workout there!


  • Outdoor exercise costs nothing

In recent years many city and town parks have been equipped with equipment to help you tone up.  And its all completely free to use. Combine this equipment with some short sharp sprints and you will be getting a really good workout. If your local park does not have exercise equipment in then make your own – use a park bench  for step-ups or tricep dips. Even a tree can be utilised – try jumping up to reach the branches or use your trees as running markers – jog to the first 3 trees and walk to the fourth. 


Make the most of each sunny day as they are relatively rare in our country.  Be creative and take your indoors exercise to the great outdoors.





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