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Beating January Blues with exercise


Its normal to feel a little deflated after Christmas. What with the cold weather, credit card bills and the need to lose a little weight after over indulging with the Christmas food! This can all lead to a low mood and challenge even the most positive person.  However, exercise can make a signficant improvement to how you feel. Here are 8 ways that can help you to beat the January blues:

  • Keeps you warm

You wont need that fleece on for very long after a few minutes of exercise. After exercise you body temperature stays warm for around an hour afterwards so no more feeling chilly!

  • Gives you more energy

Regular exercise will give you more energy and help combat fatigue in the long run. Exercise when it suits your body so if its too much after a long day at work, schedule in to exercise before work - it will set you up for the day.

  • Releases endorphins

It takes 5 minutes before your body starts to release those feel - good hormones when you start to exercise. So how good will you feel after 1 hour of exercise!

  • Gives you a goal to focus on

January is pretty uneventful when it comes to social events after the Christmas fallout, so its good to have a goal to focus on. This will help improve your mood and self-esteem.

  • Boosts immunity

You are 80% more likely to get a cold in the winter months. People who exercise regularly have a stronger immune system compared to those that do not. This means you will be able to fight off infection much more easily.

  • Saves you money

Our bank balances are a little tight in January due to the Christmas excesses so instead of going out with your friends in January, concentrate on getting fitter that month and perhaps schedule some training into your weekend instead, You will feel better and save money too!

  • Comfort eat without guilt

Winter does tend to make us eat more food. This is mainly due to the cold weather and the need to keep warm.  I crave carbohydrates in the winter months and do allow myself some whereas in the summer I can go without completely as we eat lighter and its warm. Regular exercise means you can have a cheat day without regret as the extra calories you consume will be worked off when you exercise.

  • Get active with friends

Exercising with a friend or partner or joining a class is a great way to feel part of a community which leads to greater feelings of belonging and happiness.

Happy New Year to all my clients, friends and family!

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