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The benefits of having a training partner


We all know the benefits of having a romantic partner - the feeling of being loved, security, support and general feeling of happiness. But whats the benefit of having a partner to train with? Be it your partner, friend, gym buddy orwork colleague , training with a companion will spur you onto the next level of fitness.

1 Accountability

Your partner provides instant accountability. We’ve all done it where we know we need to go to the gym and work out but one of a number of excuses has got the better of us and we’ve skipped  gym. Its much harder to cancel a workout if your training partner is waiting there for you. You will be messing up their plans too.

2 Gives you perspective.

What you see in the mirror and what others see is very different. We can be our own worst critic. A good training partner will always be able to look at your concerns with fresh eyes and give a healthy second opinion.

3 Healthy competition

In general the human being tends to work harder and perform better in competitive situations. Training with a partner can unlock a competitive edge you never knew you had! If I train with my partner then I do tend to push myself more  - and of course its great fun as a couple to workout together! One word of caution though: if your partner is considerably stronger or fitter than you, dont get sucked in and try to perform the same level of workout - your partner wont progress and you are likely to get injured. Try to compete on your levels of improvement instead.

4 You can spot each other

If you lift weights as part of your training regime you will benefit greatly from having a training partner who can act  as a spotter when lifting those heavy weights. Having someone there to help control the weight means you can push further than you could have alone and have a safe workout. You can have a spotter not only when you are lifting from the bench but free weights in general - you will get more out of the exercise.

5 Celebrate your success together

If you set out some training goals together from the onset it is very motivating for both of you to see how close you are getting to achieving these goals and to share in each others success. Plan a reward system together too. I often personal train 2 people together at the same time, be it a couple or 2 friends together you want to share the cost of a personal trainer. After a 6 - 8 week training phase where goals have been achieved and excellent progress had been made, I tell them to go and let their hair down for a weekend such as booking a trip away etc.  It helps to balance all the hard work with a worthy reward.

How to find a training partner

If you dont have someone that is willing to train with you here are some ways of finding a training partner:

Social media

Facebook, Twitter and Instragram are all great forms of getting the word out. Just post some of your workouts and tag if anyone fancies joining you. One of your acquaintances might be in the exact same position as you.

Online meeting websites

There are various meet up websites available so search out like minded groups in your area that are also actively seeking a training partner.

The gym.

Get to know other gym members and keep a lookout for users who follow a similar workout as yourself. Just be an all round chatty and positive character in the gym! You will quickly attract a potential training partner.

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