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How to eat delicious and healthy food this Christmas



Christmas is a time where we will more than likely over indulge with lots of sugary food and alcohol. But whats the answer to still being able to enjoy that special time of year with your family and friends and not feel sluggish and heavy after Christmas?

The answer is to pick healthy options and balance them with your indulgences.

The traditiional Christmas dinner is actually healthy. Turkey is a good food as is the vegetarian option of nut roast. Add your roasted vegetables and you have a highly nutritious meal in front of you.

Here are my top 5 tips to a healthy but still fun Christmas!


  • Eat breakfast.  Many people skip breakfast as they know they will be eating a large lunch. But it is is best to eat regularly throughtout the day to control your blood sugar levels. If you cant face breakfast then opt for a fruit smoothie to kickstart your metabolism.

  • Christmas snacks such as nuts, dates, oranges and satsumas are all great to eat and  healthier than reaching for the massive tin of sweets! At least try to split between the two.

  • muchEnjoy your treats. If you do have indulgent food then eat it slowly and savour it. It will fill you up quicker if you eat slowly as it gives time for the brain to send  a message to your tummy to say you are full. Eating slowly is in general better for you so dont wolf it down. Less is more.

  • Drink water with your wine.  I try this throughout the year anyway as it really does help reduce the risk of hangover and fills you up too. Alternate water with your wine. This will keep you hydrated and you will feel so much better on Boxing Day.

  • Get some exercise. Dont slouch in front of the TV after Christmas lunch but get some exercise and fresh air.  A brisk walk in the park or countryside is ideal to either raise your appetite or burn off a few calories.

I advise my clients to steer clear of carbohydrates over Christmas. Eating too many carbs will undoubtedly be the biggest factor if you have put weight on. So instead of eating starchy roast potates at Christmas dinner why not replace with mixed roasted vegetables. I have included a recipe I use at Christmas but also you can visit my website for more no or low carbohydrate recipes.

Mixed roast vegetables.

Partly boil a mixture of veg like carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes for 10 minutes.

Beetroot is also great but needs 20 minutes to boil.

Drain and spread on a baking tray.

Mix some olive oil with juice of half a lemon or some balsamic vinegar and drizzle over vegetables.

Add some herbs like rosemary, a bay leaf, orgegano and ttyme and roast for an hour at Gas Mark 7.

Turn regularly  to avoid burning.

So with these simple tips you can thoroughly enjoy your Christmas fayre and enter the New Year without feeling the need to lose a few pounds!


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