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Whether you are pregnant or recently had a baby, I can offer a fitness programme to help you through the 9 months of carrying a baby and getting back into shape after birth.

I have trained many ladies over the years in preparation for conception, getting them fit and strong for the pregnancy and seeing them right through to the actual birth.

It is essential to maintain a level of activity and fitness whilst you are pregnant, and I offer be spoke routines to suit every individual. The fitness programmes are designed to be gentle but extremely effective in keeping you strong in anticipation for the birth.

Post pregnancy can be a daunting time for a woman as she will wonder if she will ever be able to get back to her pre pregnancy figure. I can ease you back into fitness and design a programme to regain your core stability and abdominal strength and gain back your figure and confidence in a short space of time.

Nutritional advice is also offered pre and post pregnancy plus advice on what is the best foods to eat if you are considering breastfeeding.

I have years of experience in this aspect of the fitness industry and have 2 children myself so have on hand knowledge of pre and post pregnancy activity.

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