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I met Judith Ewing at a wedding fayre, although I was aware of her from what I had been googling over previous months. My wedding was coming up, and I hadn’t reached my goal on my own, and so I got in touch with Judith. Money was tight with the impending wedding, and so I was attracted to the online bridal package which was for 12 weeks (My wedding was 13 weeks away). After an initial chat about my current fitness levels and strength (almost non existent!), Judith guided me on my diet, and prepared an exercise plan for me to work to 4 times a week over the coming 12 weeks, which was progressed weekly. Each week I would weigh myself first thing in the morning, and then have a good chat with Judith over the phone about how I had got on with the exercises, where I had struggled, and where I was now finding it easier. We increased reps/weights and added more exercises as the weeks went on, with a few mishaps along the way (hen weekend being one of them!), however, I always pretty much stayed on track, and even though at one point I felt I was gaining weight over a period of 2 weeks, I could see my body changing (I was building some muscle to cause this). On the occasions I did go off track (weekends with friends), I discussed with Judith, who I would describe as firm but fair in her reaction. Judith is very good at motivating, and makes you feel that you don’t want to let her or yourself down. That weekly call keeps you on track and we would identify not only what had not gone quite to plan, but the triggers for this so that I could avoid it in the future, which I did so most of the time. Judith is also on hand all of the time for any ad-hoc guidance or advice you need throughout the week, which I would occasionally call upon. I started at 9st 4lb, and after 12 weeks, I was 8st 11.6lb (my goal was 8st 12lb), however, it was not so much the weight I was focused on, but my shape. I now have tighter stomach muscles, toned/stronger calves, more toned upper arms, and a more hourglass shape as my sides/back have also lost a few inches. My fitness levels have increased tenfold (I was running for 3-4 minutes before feeling like I was dying, and now I can run over 30 minutes). I had loads of great compliments at my wedding, and I fully intend to keep up the fitness and good diet habits going forward. Thanks a lot Judith!!!
Emma Stone B41
Emma Stone AF1
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